Credit - Donut Time Cafe Facebook
Credit - Donut Time Cafe Facebook

Donut Time Cafe on Route 33 in Hamilton is making special donuts for St. Patrick's Day from March 9th - March 17th. Oh boy, I saw them on facebook, and they look delicious. They have Lucky Charms sprinkled on one of them. I'm not at all irish, but, I'll take some irish looking donuts. Everybody's irish on St. Patrick's Day, right?

My friends have been telling my to check Donut Time Cafe for years, but, I have to admit, I hadn't been there until recently. Now, after 2 visits, I'm hooked.

The last time we visited, we had a french toast donut, red velvet, Reeses's Peanut Butter Cup, Fruit Loops, s'mores, and Oreo. Omg. Sooo good. I didn't eat all of them, for the record, the kids and John helped me. Lol. They also have a tiramasu donuts and so many just have to check out the menu for yourself. Click HERE to see all the deliciousness.

You can order online HERE or visit Donuts Time Cafe at 1280 Route 33, Hamilton, NJ.


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