Unless you've been under a rock for the past half year or so, you know that Stanley Tumblers are the "IT" item right now.

The wildly popular insulated tumblers have been driving consumers crazy ever since they went viral on social media. Long story short - anybody who's anybody has a Stanley cup right now. That's the idea, anyway.

Credit: Instagram @stanley_brand
Credit: Instagram @stanley_brand
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But when highly-coveted limited edition cups go on sale, it's pretty much a nuclear event.

Remember this scene from earlier this year? Last month, Starbucks  released a limited-edition pink Stanley tumbler retailing at $49.95 - which was only available in Target stores.

People were literally running, shoving, and swarming to get their hands on these pink cups. They were so popular, that Target stores had to place a purchasing limit on them.

People stood in line for hours just to get one!

East Windsor, NJ Target employees were accused of hoarding Stanley Tumblers

Here's the thing - Target employees wanted the cups too. And something fishy happened at one New Jersey Target, leading customers to believe employees were possibly hoarding the limited-edition cups for themselves.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to News 12 New Jersey, customers at a Target in East Windsor were outraged when they were told by employees that the limited-edition pink tumblers were sold out.

But then, a cart full of the tumblers was spotted in what looked to be a secret stash! Yet still, the customers were denied permission to buy them, so they called corporate!

According to the customers, Target employees told them they had to purchase the cups online, which directly contradicted the sale's "in-store only" policy. The math simply wasn't mathing.

Target is Already Firing Employees for purchasing Stanley Cups unfairly

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Target has already fired some employees for buying Stanley tumblers with an unfair advantage. A former Target employee told Business Insider that she was fired after purchasing one of the cups from a Starbucks barista in the store. Turns out the barista was saving them for co-workers who wanted to buy them. Big no-no.

Maybe you've heard something about what happened at the Target in East Windsor, but if what the customers are saying is true, it won't look good for those employees!

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