Good news Starbucks fans...the new location on Sloan Avenue in the Mercerville section of Hamilton is finally open. Get there now. Lol. It has a drive-thru.

I've had friends texting me all day long giving me the news. I bet I'll be there at some point today once my daughter and her friends find out. Lol. Although, I do love a frapp or refresher from time to time. We love finding the secret menu recipes and ordering them, although the baristas may not love us for that. Lol.

Chris Rollins
Chris Rollins

I feel like I first told you about a Starbucks coming to that area forever was April of 2020. The delay was probably because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but, now it's here. Another new Starbucks opened in Hamilton not that long ago on White Horse Avenue.

Next to the new Starbucks is supposed to be breakfast and lunch chain restaurant, First Watch...the first in the area. That was also announced back in Spring 2020. My friends that live down south absolutely love it. All of their fruits and veggies are fresh, they bake their own muffins, make their french toast batter from scratch, and offer you a pot of coffee, not just a cup. It sounds like a great place to hangout, with complimentary newspapers and wifi. Hmmm...I wonder if that's still the plan.

If you visit today or anytime soon, I'd leave yourself a few extra minutes, as I'm sure it will be crowded with everyone wanting to check out the new place.

Another new Starbucks will be opening in the Lawrence Shopping Center soon, across from the new Lidl. I'll keep you posted on that opening date.

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