Hollywood has come to New Jersey for a few days. Stephen King's new miniseries "Lisey's Story," starring Julianne Moore, is filming in Franklin Township today (Friday, October 25th), according to The Patch.

The filming crew has been at the historic Van Liew-Suydam house, at the intersection of South Middlebush Road and Blackwells Mills Road, for the last few days, actually, and the locals are excited, the Franklin Township Administrator Robert Vornlocker Jr. told The Patch. "The town is certainly excited about having this done here, it's a nice opportunity to get on the map, so to speak."

If you're thinking about heading there to get a glimpse, I'm not sure I would bother, the set is closed and won't be open to the public. There shouldn't be any traffic problems either, because the house is set off the road.

They're filming what will be a 8 episode series on Apple TV. It's based on King's 2006 novel, "Lisey's Story," which is said to be his favorite. Julianne Moore plays the widow of a writer.

No release date has been set.

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