One of the things I hate about Philly is the parking. It's bad enough that I am the absolute worst at parallel parking, but even just trying to find parking takes way too long. I always said it was my dream to live in a big busy city. However since moving to PA, that dream is no more. My hair appointments are always in Philly, I have family in the busiest parts of the city and my boyfriend lives there at well. And since I've been here, I have come to the realization that the suburbs where there are plenty of parking spaces is more my speed.

It doesn't help that even when there are parking spaces available in Philly, you can even get into them because the surrounding cars are parked so crooked. But I think we all can agree that they most aggravating part of looking for parking spots is when a spot is filled by an abandoned car. Yes, I said it. ABANDONED. It's more common than you may think, and the residents of Philly are fed up!

A photo is currently going viral of an abandoned car in West Philly that has been parked on the side of the road for way too long. Someone finally got tired of the car sitting there wasting valuable space and decided to spray paint the car with the words "abandoned." The person didn't stop there. They proceeded to make sure towers would be made aware of the car by spray painting the group with the words "tow" with arrows pointing at the car. Genius.

I mean hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. There is no parking in Philly, we need all the spots we can get!

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