I have been struggling with allergy symptoms ever since high school. I am talking severe allergy symptoms where I sneeze non stop, have a stuffy or runny nose, watery eyes and an itchy throat and ears.

Sounds awful right? Yeah, it is. My allergy symptoms have improved significantly when I began getting allergy injections about three years ago. My allergist injects me with serums of what I am allergic too and my immunity builds up and allergies to those things go away.

My allergy symptoms have gotten better, but I still suffer with a stuffy nose from time to time due to my deviated septum. I am always looking for techniques and relief and of course, the internet has brought me to a video that baffled me.

I saw this trending on my Facebook news feed and it said a doctor had a great technique for clearing up sinuses and your nose naturally. I watched from beginning to end and did the technique the doctor in the video is talking about and wow!

Just watch the video below. You can fast forward to 1:45 to see him demonstrate the actual techniques he talks about.

Did you try it? Did it work? I tried it a few times and actually found it a little easier to breathe afterwards.

Maybe this doctor is onto something. Or maybe this won't work for you and you'll curse me because I made you spend time watching the video.

Just know that if it didn't work for you, I apologize, but I had your best interest in mind. I know how hard it is to function with a stuffy nose, so I figured I'd pass it along.

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