If you're hosting a Super Bowl Party this weekend, there are some "must haves" in my opinion, so take notes.

You know I love a theme party, and the Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity to have one. People are passionate about their football-watching foods, so as the host, you have some serious responsibilities.

I surveyed my friends and co-workers, and here are the foods your guests will expect.

I don't necessarily like all of these, but, do agree they'd go well with the football theme.

**In no particular order.

1. Wings. Maybe even set up a Wing Bar with different sauces. I'm not a fan, they're a mess. But I'm sure they'll be popular. Make sure you have wet naps handy. Add those to your shopping list.

2. Chips and dip. Top dip choices are good ol' classic onion dip, salsa, and guacamole (my female friends mostly picked the guac).
Tip - Make sure there are several chip bowls to pass around during the game. Bonus - Put them in a football-shaped bowl.

3. Hoagies - For those who don't know what I'm referring to... I mean subs, deli sandwiches, or whatever you call them. Everyone surveyed said they must be cut in small slices to remain manageable during the game.

4. Crockpot favorites - Chili, meatballs, sausage, peppers & onions. Tip - 1/2 torps for sandwiches are easier to handle than the big ones.

5. Desserts with a football theme - Either a cake that looks like a football field, football-shaped cookies or brownies, cupcakes with a football or goal post on top...you get the point.
Note - the guys surveyed liked this too, not just the girls.

Bonus tip - With all the food being served have plenty of toilet paper and some Poo-Pourri handy for your bathrooms. You can get it at Bed Bath & Beyond or Ulta. Like the website says, you want to avoid a "craptastrophe." Oh boy.



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