Partying at the shore has always been a great time but we definitely can't count out Philly to enjoy some fun time with friends and family. WalletHub recently compared all 50 states and ranked all of the states to see which ones were the most fun in the country.

We can proudly say we don't live in the most boring states because Pennsylvania landed in the 8th spot and New Jersey in the 33rd spot on the "Most Fun States in America." It was mentioned on Wallet Hub's website that the way it was rated was by judging the "movie costs to accessibility of national parks to casinos per capita."

Let's be real bar hopping and partying in the City of Brotherly Love is so much fun. I've never been to Pittsburg so I can't vouch for that city but they probably help a little in making Pennsylvania one of the top states with the most fun. WalletHub mentioned that Pennsylvania takes the 8th spot overall, 9th in 'Entertainment & Recreation', and the 7th spot when it comes to 'Nightlife.' Back in 2019, WalletHub actually rated the City of Brotherly Love as the 20th 'Most Fun City in America.'

Source: WalletHub

If you live in Bucks County or the New Jersey area and haven't partied in Philadelphia, just know you are missing out.

As for the state of New Jersey, the shore is always a good time but it takes a very tough spot landing in the '30s all across the board. The Garden State lands in 33rd overall on the 'Most Fun State in America', 32nd for 'Entertainment & Recreation', and 38th on "Nightlife.'

Well, at least we know we can shoot out to Philadelphia when things open back up and we can be at one of the top 10 best cities with a fun nightlife.

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