Some people in New Jersey seem to take pride in not being the friendliest, especially with a lot of comments always being thrown around about "having an RBF." That can “shoo” away potential new friends real quick. created a list of all 50 states showing which state is the friendliest and which one isn't so friendly.

New Jersey lands as the 5th non-friendliest state. We don't know if that's something to be proud of but New Jerseyans have a lot to complain about. For example; having to pay to hang out at the beach, high taxes, higher cost of living than other states, etc.Those things stink and that's just a few things.

As for Pennsylvania, it's actually a pretty friendly state, landing on the 18th spot on the Big Seven Travel’s friendliest list. Not too bad considering the NY Giants quarterback, Eli, Manning, said that the Philadelphia Eagles have the rudest fans. We guess that's just some "friendly" smack talk during the sporting events.

Just so you know in case you go to Minnesota, it is the friendliest state in the country. The least friendliest, taking the 50th spot, is New York. Should we expect any better from them? jk!

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