Tuesday was just another beautiful day at the beach in Cape May until the queen arrived. Queen bee, that is.

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Thousands of bees swarmed around a beach towel on Cape May's Perry Street beach at about 3:30pm Tuesday, fascinating and horrifying beach-goers.

My Facebook friend, Maureen Siman of Galloway, told the Vineland Daily Journal, she wasn't sure what was happening at first.

"I thought they were flies at first, but my husband and all of the people around us quickly realized they were bees.The hum from the buzzing was insanely loud"

After a time, someone on the beach called a beekeeper, who handled the swarm."About 45 minutes later, the beekeeper arrived and professionally and calmly removed the bees," Siman said.

The site beekeepinglikeagirl.com says bees are extremely loyal to the queen, even on a day at the beach.

 A queen is constantly attended to by a “court” of worker bees. These workers feed and groom her. They also carry away her waste and actually digest her food for her. Without the constant care of her attendants, the queen would die. She even relies on them to digest her food.

Courtesy of Maureen Siman, here is video of the swarm of bees taking over Tuesday on the Cape May beach.

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