We’re officially in that between season of sports where Spring Training is starting to kick off, but football season is officially over.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to Philly and seeing the Phillies or Eagles play, but the mascots are really where the entertainment is. The Phatanic, Swoop and Gritty are the things we can all appreciate no matter what during any sporting event.

A new survey was released on how NFL fans feel about all of the different mascots. Of course, I had to scroll and see where Swoop ended up on the lists. Sportshandle.com surveyed over 1,000 football fans and asked them to rank their favorite mascots and the most obnoxious mascots in the NFL.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade
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Let’s start with the good news. Swoop is apparently the #2 most loved NFL mascot according to this survey!

Overall, there are 30 mascots so, so taking the #2 spot is pretty impressive! Now, moving on to the bad news. Although Swoop did rank as the second most beloved mascot in the NFL, there was also a ranking for the most obnoxious mascot and Eagles’ fans may not be happy with his one.

After a survey based on 1,000 NFL fans’ answers, Swoop was ranked as the 3rd most obnoxious mascot in the entire NFL.

Rowdy, who is the Dallas Cowboys’ mascot took first, so as an Eagles fan, I’ll take that as a small victory. Philadelphia has a reputation for being sore losers and aggressive fans, so is anyone shocked where we ranked on this list? At least Swoop is apparently lovable, but of course, NFL fans had to throw in that last dig at Philly fans by ranking him the most obnoxious!  Poor Swoop.

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