It is well known that Princeton is a very historical town and college campus but how much do your really know about it? Put your history and problem solving skills to the test with one of Watson Adventures.

Watson Adventures began in the 90’s when Bret Watson decided to give his friends a new twist on scavenger hunts and show a lighter side of museums. Today they offer three kinds of scavenger hunts around Princeton that are open to everyone but only take private reservations. It’s almost like an escape room but the world is your oyster. The first hunt is in the art museum and it takes you around two floors of the coolest and weirdest stuff from throughout history.

Next is a murder mystery scavenger hunt where you have to find out who killed the Watson Adventures staffer. The last is the Princeton Prowl Scavenger hunt where you and a team will follow ma trail of clues to get answers about the tricky and humorous things you find along the way. Go to the website for more details and to plan an event.

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