Getting a tattoo is not a scary thing but maybe a little nerve-racking. You never know how the tattoo will turn out. You may be hesitant to get some work done from any tattoo artist, unless its an artist that you've gone to before or was recommended to you.

Now a days reviews are huge for any type of business, especially if it involves getting permanent ink on your skin. You want to know how good this tattoo artist is and what others have experiences were like. With the great help of we were able to gather a few tattoo shops that can possibly take care of you whenever you decide to get some work done.

Close-up view of male hand making tattoo
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here are the 3 tattoo shops with the best reviews near or in Bucks County, Pa, according to

Review: "After reading the previous reviews I decided to give this place a try. AWESOME DECISION! Pat was my tattoo artist, he completed the design EXACTLY how I wanted it," - Christina J from Jenkintown, Pa

Review: "The shop is very clean and professional. I would never trust any other shop . My husband has had 2 done by Mike , my daughter had her belly button pierced here as well," - Kerri L from Doylestown, Pa

Review: "I was back to Red Lotus over Christmas for my second tattoo.. as with the first they took their time with me created a great design and were extremely professional,"

Best of luck with your ink work!


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