I've always wanted to get a tattoo but I have always been too nervous for many reasons. Two of those reasons are: 1. I may regret what I get and then I will not be able to take it off and 2. I don't know if I trust someone doing permanent art on me.

I know there are many good and trustworthy tattoo artists out there but I still would be a little scared of getting one.

But if you are all for tattoos and you are in the Wildwood area from Friday, August 6 through Sunday, August 8 you will be in tattoo heaven.

Philly Voice recently reported that the 11th annual Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash is coming to the beach town. Over 200 tattoo artist will showcase their skills at the Wildwood Convention Center.

On the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash’s website, it is stated that the event hours are Friday 12 pm to 11 pm, Saturday 11 am to 11 pm, and Sunday 11 am till 8 pm.

It was also shared on the site that kids 14 and under are free and guests can either get a day pass for $20 or a weekend pass for $40.

According to Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash, anyone that attends the tattoo expo has a chance to see "major national tattoo artists, live tattooing, contests, and so much more."

The promoter of the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash is actually a Wildwood native who tried to start his tattoo career on the island in the early '80s and was not able to do so until 1990, according to WildwoodTattoo.com.

NOTE: 94.5 PST is not associated with this event in an official capacity. Please contact the event organizers directly for more details.

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