If you're thinking about applying to The College of New Jersey, you won't be required to submit SAT or ACT test scores, according to NJ.com.

The testing schedule and prep programs were majorly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The college announced yesterday that this new policy will take effect immediately and stay in effect for the next three years. I'm sure up and coming college students are relieved. This has been such an unsettling time for high school seniors, actually all students, with new worries to face about their future. If you do have scores, you may still submit them, but, you don't have to. You will still have to submit your scores if you're applying to be in their 7 year medical program or their optometry program.

Lisa Angeloni, Vice President for Enrollment Management, said in a statement, “Given that coronavirus cancellations made timely testing impossible for hundreds of thousands of students around the country, providing flexibility with the SAT and ACT requirements seemed more than appropriate.”

The College of New Jersey isn't the only school in the country not requiring potential students to turn in test scores. Many have given their applicants a break, including ivy league schools, Harvard and Cornell, according to the NY Times. They get that it's been a struggle for many students with rampant cancellations during the pandemic.

Local school, Princeton University, has actually had this policy, of not requiring SAT scores, in effect for some time. They recommend you submit your scores, but, don't require it. The school uses the scores as just a small part of the review process of possible incoming students.

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