Philly’s most terrifying prison has added some new scares for the 2019 Halloween season. ‘Terror Behind the Walls’ starts September 20 and continues through November 9. That gives us plenty of time to go enjoy the frightening attractions.

According to, Eastern State Penitentiary is bringing back six scary attractions with a bit of a twist that sounds like it will be more immersive than ever. These attractions will also have interactive experiences to make it as scary as possible.

These experiences include being grabbed, held back, sent into hidden passageways and being temporarily separated from their group according to Is that something you really want? Hmm. Philly Voice also stated that all attractions will have Hollywood-quality sets, custom designed soundtracks and a cast made to appear as frightening as possible as possible thanks to a team of makeup artists.

Philly Voice also reported that the last two nights are called “Remix: Lights Out.” Yea, we were wondering what that meant also. Apparently all visitors will experience the attractions in complete darkness. This will certainly add to the fear level.

We have to hand it to Eastern State Penitentiary when it comes to scares during the Halloween season. They definitely deliver something terrifying for us to experience. If you enjoy being scared or horror attractions, this is probably the place to be. If you want in on this experience, Terror Behind the Walls suggests that you buy tickets in advance to guarantee entry since dates often times sell out.

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