If you love food, you should feel very lucky to live in an area with so many great restaurants.  Of course, there are some amazing restaurants in New York and Philadelphia, but there are also lots of them in the suburbs in towns like New Brunswick, Doylestown, and Lambertville, just to name a few.

Another great place to find some incredible restaurants is in Princeton, which makes choosing the 10 best restaurants in the town very difficult.  That's why I've left it up to users of the website TripAdvisor to come up with this list.

  1. Jammin' Crepes, 20 Nassau Street
  2. Blue Point Grill, 258 Nassau Street
  3. Olives Deli & Bakery, 22 Witherspoon Street
  4. Seasons 52, Marketfair
  5. Witherspoon Grill, 57 Witherspoon Street
  6. Agricola Eatery, 11 Witherspoon Street
  7. Mediterra Restaurant, 29 Hulfish Street
  8. Mistral, 66 Witherspoon Street
  9. PJ's Pancake House, 154 Nassau Street
  10. Cross Culture Restaurant, 301 N. Harrison Street

Those are 10 solid choices, but there are other restaurants that could have easily been in the Top 10 --- Conte's Pizza, Teresa Caffe, Triumph Brewing Company, Salt Creek Grille, and Winberries.

To read more about all of these restaurants and others, click here.


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