Due to it's increasing popularity the annual Belmar Seafood Festival will no longer be held by the sea.

Well then, if this festival is that good ... I might just have to check it out, I love seafood!

So the seafood festival is going into it's 33rd year and has previously made modifications to maintain the crowding by changing the dates from June to May, but clearly the popularity of the event needed to do a bit more.

So now the latest update is that the festival will no longer be held by the sea. According to nj.com ,"the Belmar Seafood Festival is changing locations, moving away from the sea and into an area with more parking and better access to the train."

Well, that kind of sucks. The essence of the festival being by the sea was probably such a cool touch to the entire experience.

This year the festival will be held May 17th - 19th and it will be located on Main Street in downtown Belmar.

Get more info here.

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