Ok coffee-philes! Get excited.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I probably drink more iced coffee than water, as terrible as that is! And as happy as I am with a basic cup o' joe to-go from Wawa or Starbucks, there's no denying the satisfaction of sitting in a cozy coffee shop, enjoying a cup of brewed cappucino, latte, espresso properly. It just hits different.

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Tasting Table, an online site that delves into everything food, drink, recipes, and culture, just recently compiled a list of The Best Coffee Shops in Every StateAnd good news for Central Jersey!! The best one in Jersey is in Mercer County!

Congrats to Grover's Mill Coffee House in West Windsor Township, the BEST coffee shop in New Jersey!

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Located at 295 Princeton Hightstown Road, this woman-owned and operated java spot is so niche´, themed around the War of the Worlds "invasion" on the radio in 1938.

"Kitsch aside, you'll also find some fantastic and hard-to-find beans here, like Dominican Red Honey coffee, along with a menu boasting unusual options like elk chili, pheasant and wild rice soup, and espresso venison stew." - Tasting Table

How satisfying does this espresso look?? Yummm.

Not gonna lie, I am so tempted to try their line of CBD-infused specialty coffee

Aside from coffee, they also have freshly baked goodies and pastries!

Check out their Instagram page @groversmillcoffee!

Have you ever been to Grover's Mill Coffee before? Don't be shy to tell us your verdict, or even drop some other amazing New Jersey coffee shop recommendations!

The Best Coffee Shops in Mercer, Bucks, and Burlington Counties That Aren't Chains

If you're looking for a good cup of coffee, and would rather skip the chains and support a local business, try these places, as recommended by PST listeners.

Best coffee shops & cafes near NJ beaches

When it comes to food, New Jersey is known for many things such as pizza and pork roll. Don't count us out when it comes to coffee.

With all the hustle and bustle involved in the average New Jersey resident's day, coffee is essential. It doesn't matter whether you're living in the cities of North Jersey or the vacation spots at the shore.

In fact, as the former owner of two Jersey shore coffee houses, Coffee Dot Comedy in Sea Isle City and the Daily Grind in Ocean Grove, I know firsthand how much people at the Jersey shore love their coffee.

With respect to that, I asked my social media following where the best coffee houses at the Jersey Shore were, especially since my two places no longer exist.

Below is what they came up with. (And see this other article for their coffee shop and cafe recommendations for Central Jersey.)

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