Joe & I were arguing today about the best place to go for food after a night out. Hands down, it's a New Jersey Diner, right? Of course, but, Joe didn't agree saying he'd rather head to a Wawa then go home and enjoy it.

Wawa is testing out a 16-inch pizza, by the way, at two Pennsylvania locations, one being on Market Street. Do you want pizza at Wawa?

I love Wawa...the vanilla iced coffee is my favorite, but, I can't get behind the food. I just think there are so many great places to go, like NJ diners, why would you just get something quick at Wawa? A  New Jersey diner is a whole experience. I love going to a diner.

There's no shortage of diners in New Jersey, so I know there are plenty more to mention, but, I did a PST Poll asking, "What's the best NJ diner?" Wow, the answers came flooding in. They're not just in one area of New Jersey either, they're all over the state.

If you're from New Jersey or living here now, you could probably name several near you that serves the best food, right?  There's no place like diners in the Garden State. There's nothing like a big stack of pancakes after a night of partying...they absorb the alcohol, right? Lol.

There's a passion for diners in New Jersey. I'm sure you notice the crowds in the parking lots every weekend, actually, everyday. We can't get enough of them. All this talk about them is making me hungry for some pancakes and pork roll. Lol.

The Best Diners in New Jersey

Here are the best New Jersey diners according to a PST Poll:






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