Having a baby can be such an exciting time for the parents-to-be. In between all of the preparations, there's also time for a few celebrations (like a gender reveal party).

While "Gender Reveal" parties may seem like an afterthought to all of the preparations your family is making, they've become a great way for family and friends to celebrate the joyous news.

So we've rounded up a few of our favorite videos from the past year:


Last year’s Super Bowl victory for the Philadelphia Eagles was special for so many of us. So it was no surprise that Matt Nobel & Alexandra Paynter got a group of friends together for an EPIC gender reveal that has us chanting “Fly, Eagles, Fly!”

You don't have to be an Eagles fan to enjoy this incredible video:


Get the tissues for this one! This viral video from last summer show Anthony Atiliano and his girlfriend Stephanie Soto of Texas popping a giant black balloon for their gender reveal. After the confetti revealed they’d have a girl, Atiliano had ANOTHER surprise his up his sleeve.

Watch to see the epic proposal:


Yessenia and Eric from Houston, Texas had a unique idea for their gender reveal party. In fact, Yessenia told ThisIsInsider.com that she had to convince Eric to have a gender reveal party for their baby. What they put together… did not disappoint. Watch:


Call us softies, but we loved seeing the footage of ‘Jersey Shore’ star Ron Ortiz-Magro as he surprised fellow cast mate, Deena Cortese, at her gender reveal party earlier this year. Actually, J-Woww's reaction is a reminder of just how special a gender reveal party can be. 

Maybe we'll feature your viral video next year. Don't forget the camera at your party.

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