A few weeks ago, Adam told us about 7 places in New Jersey that made The Daily Meal's 101 Best Pizzas in America for 2018.  Now, USA Today has posted TripAdvisor's list of the Best Pizza in Every State and the New Jersey winner is...

Mack & Manco?  Wait a minute...didn't Mack & Manco change it's name to Manco & Manco 7 years ago?  In December 2011, NBC10 reported that the Mack family and the Manco family had decided to end it's partnership and that "Mack & Manco" would become "Manco & Manco."

If you check out the "About" section of the Manco & Manco website, there's actually no mention of "Mack" at all.  And you won't see a mention of "Manco" on the Mack's Pizza website that highlight's that family's Wildwood locations.

And to make things even more confusing, if you search for pizza in Ocean City, NJ on TripAdvisor, it lists Manco & Manco, not Mack & Manco.  And at least 4 other pizzerias in Ocean City have better ratings than Manco & Manco.  That's it.  I'm officially naming Conte's in Princeton the Best Pizza in New Jersey.


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