If you are from New Jersey, you know that you will defend our awesome the state no matter what. Why is it that people always seem to have something bad to say about us? I guess that’s what happens when people are jealous of the beautiful Jersey shore and our state’s location between two of the greatest cities—Philadelphia and New York. But now we are going to have to defend it even further.

According to the New York Post, a new survey was recently released that ranked the U.S. States from best to worst based on information from the data analytics firm YouGov . It is no surprise that Hawaii got top billing as the number one state, but it was definitely a surprise to see New Jersey ranked as #48! We are only ranked higher than Mississippi, Alabama, and the District of Columbia… it’s safe to say New Jerseyians are not happy about it AT ALL!





@NJGov even got into a Twitter war after @nycgov Twitter account took aim at the Garden State because of this bogus ranking. @NJGov suggested that the New York governor, “delete ur account”. The interaction between the two governors’ twitter accounts sparked a huge debate in the comments about whether Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are considered New York or New Jersey territory.


All I know is the survey was obviously seriously flawed because New Jersey did NOT deserve the 48th spot on that list. We are definitely top 20 material!!! Like twitter user @708Diogenes said: “Cool. If you don’t like NJ, don’t shop here and don’t move here.” To which they received the response from @dustybeachrd24: “And don’t come to the beaches.” That’s right people, if you agree with the list… we better NOT see you at the Jersey Shore this summer.


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