We all know that the next few days will be among the busiest travels days of the year as people go to and from Thanksgiving celebrations.  If you plan on traveling along I-95, you'll definitely want to know where the best rest stops are located, because all rest stops are not created equal.

First, you should know that most rest stops along I-95 south of Maryland do not have restaurant options.  The stops from Virginia to Florida are pretty much just bathrooms and snack machines (although, the Florida Welcome Center does offer free orange juice).

So without further ado, here are my favorite rest stops along I-95:

The Alexander Hamilton Service Area (New Jersey Turnpike South at mile marker 111), the Molly Pitcher Service Area (New Jersey Turnpike South at mile marker 72), and the Woodrow Wilson Service Area (New Jersey Turnpike North at mile marker 59).

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

These 3 service areas make the list for one reason only...the all have Roy Rogers restaurants.  If you're not familiar with the fast-food chain, Roy Rogers, they were popular in the 1970's and 1980's, but pretty much disappeared in the 1990's.  Today, they have just over 50 locations.  Most are in Maryland, but there are a few in New York and New Jersey.

Roy Rogers' are best known for their fried chicken, their roast beef sandwiches, and their burgers, including the Double R Bar Burger, which is a cheeseburger topped with bacon and ham.

Two rest stops in Connecticut make the list:  the Mllford Service Area (Southbound at mile marker 41) and the Darien Service Area (Northbound at mile marker 12).

Highlights at these stops include CheeseBoy (which specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches) and It'Sugar (a candy store).  Milford also has a Moe's Southwest Grill and a Panda Express and the Darien Service Area has a Pinkberry.

Highlights at the Maryland House (north & south at mile marker 83) are Auntie Anne's, Elevation Burger, and Nathan's Famous.  Also in Maryland, there is the Chesapeake House (north and south at mile marker 98) which features an Earl of Sandwich shop.  And if they're offering their Holiday Turkey sandwich, you have to try it!

Finally, the Delaware House (north & south at mile marker 5) makes the list just because it has a Cinnabon.  Let's face it...a Cinnabon can make any road trip better.

Safe travels and if you see me at one of these rest stops, make sure you say hi!

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