Each year, USA Today's Ad Meter ranks all of the Super Bowl commercials from best to worst.  The rankings are based on "voting by tens of thousands of registered participants" and this year's best ad was the NFL's The 100-Year Game, which aired at halftime.

Unfortunately, Ad Meter only ranks commercials that air during the national broadcast, but not the "local" ads that air in specific markets.  If local ads were measured, then Philadelphia-based Dietz & Watson surely would have gotten high marks for their Dietz Nuts ad.

The ad, which stars Craig Robinson ("The Office," "Hot Tub Time Machine") and his brother, Chris (aka Chris Rob), introduced viewers to a new product called Dietz Nuts.  According to the Dietz & Watson website, Dietz Nuts are "are protein-packed, savory sausage bites."

Check out some of the tweets about the commercial:

Wikipedia says that Dietz & Watson prepares "over 700 products for supermarkets and delis made from chicken, ham, beef, turkey, and artisan cheese."  The company is based in Philadelphia and also has facilities in Baltimore and Corfu, New York.

To watch all of the commercials that aired during the national broadcast, click here.

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