If you're planning on getting a real Christmas tree in our area this year, make sure you're reading this:

Apparently, there's a new "fly," called a Lanternfly that can attach itself to the bark of your lovely Christmas tree. A bug in your tree sounds disgusting to start, but then it can actually lay eggs after it's in your house.

It's been detected in only three New Jersey counties so far, but Mercer County is one of those places. Hunterdon and Warren are the other two counties where it has been spotted, according to a report from NJ.com.

Via NJ Dept. of Agriculture
Via NJ Dept. of Agriculture

So basically the fly could multiple a wreak havoc in your home after the holidays. In fact, that happened to one woman up in Warren County, NJ, according to state officials.

She had two clusters of spotted lanternfly eggs attached to her pre-cut Christmas tree last year, but she didn't notice them until she saw a few weird bugs inside her house at the beginning of January, when her tree was still up.

Area experts have issued the warning because it is almost tree time. So when you go for your tree in November and December, remember to check it for any bugs before bringing it into your house. This includes every one of the branches and even the trunk of the tree.

Yeah, this is all I had to hear to thank my husband, John, a million times for finally convincing me to get a fake Christmas tree in our house. We originally did it because of allergies, but now I am so glad I don't have to worry about the flies.

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