There was some doubt that Sesame Place was not going to continue on with their holiday festivities, but it seems as if those rumors have been put to rest. According to their facebook they will indeed be continuing the tradition of The Count's Halloween Spooktacular. 

Many people from all over the country travel to Sesame Place because it is truly one of a kind and we should appreciate that we have this theme park  so close to home! Most people typically go during the summer because of the many water attractions. However, they are also known for having tons to do during the ‘off” season. You still have the ability to enjoy all of the other rides and events the park has to offer. 

This is a great alternative for kids that want to partake in Halloween like events, but are a little too young to go out and do other things. This event, however, is not only for kids.I have gone myself (with my family of course). All of the characters are walking around, but they are in Halloween gear. Bert and Ernie were dressed as pirates! 

Everything is Halloween themed right down to the food. They have this spider web funnel cake that is absolutely delicious! It's basically a regular funnel cake with powdered sugar and drizzled chocolate syrup to look like a spider web. Kids also have the option to go trick-or-treating
Right now they are having a great sale on their seasons passes. They are offering a 30% off discount on a 2021 seasons pass, and you would also get the rest of the 2020 season for free! That's such a steal. I’m guessing this means things are looking up and they do not plan on shutting down again. You can purchase those passes here.

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