Big news from Sesame Place Philadelphia (Langhorne, PA). Ernie's iconic Rubber Duckie has a new home in the amusement park.

I was so sad when I found out last month that the massive, bright yellow rubber duckie, that's been sitting on top of Sky Splash since 1995, would be coming down. My kids and I have looked for it every time we're in the area for years. But, was relieved when I heard it was going to have a new home in the park. Phew.

Sesame Place Philadelphia
Sesame Place Philadelphia

It was removed from its longtime spot because there's a big, exciting construction project going at Sesame Place and a new plan for that area.


A tropical-themed land, Big Bird's Beach, will be replacing Twiddlebug Land for the 2023 season. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

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So, where is Rubber Duckie now?  The park held a contest on social media a few weeks ago to determine where its new home would be.

The winning location is...drumroll please...just between the Sesame Street Neighborhood and the Sunny Day Carousel. Trust me, you won't miss it, it's HUGE.

The cool thing about this spot is you'll be able to take a picture with Rubber Duckie for the very first time this summer. Yay.

Back to the exciting construction project. Twiddlebug Land is being transformed into Big Bird's Beach. The new attractions Elmo's Surf 'n' Slide, Rosita's Seaside Slides, Abby's Splash & Spray Garden, and Little Bird's Bay.

Also new for the 2023 season is Bert & Ernie's Splashy Shores, a brand new water play adventure area.

To check out all the fun details, click here.

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