I'm sure you've heard of different ways to say certain foods, or different names for foods, but have you ever heard of laws restricting you eating some foods?!

I bet you didn't know that in New Jersey, the food law is that you will not slurp your soup! Huh? So I guess slurping spaghetti is okay? Because there are a lot of Italians in New Jersey including me that do this!

And in Pennsylvania, this one isn't specifically a food law, but it has to do with something that holds food. You're not allowed to sleep on top of a refrigerator. (Insert confused emoji here) an outdoor refrigerator, no less—you can forget about it, thanks to a Pennsylvania law that outlaws it. The funny thing to think about, is there must have been a bunch of people who committed this crazy act, for someone to make it a law! How is sleeping on a refrigerator comfortable?

There are a bunch more! Like where Adam from Chris & the Crew is vacationing right now in Montana, soda bottles cannot be thrown on the ground. There are laws against littering, but apparently, Montana takes it to a whole other level! Or in Dave's home state of Maryland, you're not allowed to eat while you swim!

Do these laws get reinforced? Will violating these laws be punishable with jail time or worse? I have no idea! But wow did this blow my mind today!

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