The fashion district in Philadelphia, PA is opening up a new shop that Aladdin fans are going to love. A multicultural bazaar is opening up soon in Philly and this looks like something I’ve never seen before.

So this place that’s opening up is called “Genies Secret Bazaar", and it’s a storytelling experience that you’ll get to buy tickets to.

Inside the doors, there is a secret indoor market, all kinds of different merchants, fortune tellers, and other performers that will make you feel like you were transported to a whole new world. ;).

This experience makes you feel like you were up and lifted into the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp while getting to buy different knick-knacks and experience all kinds of different activities.

The Fashion District Philadelphia is a big deal, especially ot tourists. I’ve personally never gotten a chance to go but it’s said to be a 3 block wide shopping experience that has all different kinds of brands, according to

It’s an 826,000 square feet retail location that’s smack in the middle of Center City Philadelphia.

Genies Secret Bazaar is officially their newest edition to this giant shopping mall and I can’t wait to see more about this.


There are pictures up online at and it looks like you won’t even remember you’re in Philadelphia when you step inside.


There are a bunch of small businesses that are involved in this bazaar that will be selling all of their goodies when you step inside.

Some of the shops include Rock N Rolls, Saté Kampar, Bao & Bun Studio, Fat Lady Brewing, Strivers’ Row Distillery, Cusp by Cassie, RedTooth, Ceramics, Namaste Gorgeous, and lots more.

Just judging from that list alone, you can see there is a huge variation in the types of shops that are making an appearance here. You can buy tickets now to this 2-hour-long event using this link!

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