The Met Philadelphia finally got it's $56 million face-lift and is ready business.

The Met, of course got a little beat up after being around for 100 years. That's when Eric Blumfeld of EB Realty Management Company and Live Nation teamed up and decided to spend $56 million on this restoration project.

The venue located on North Broad Street in Philly and seemed to be forgotten about, but with it's renovations it's surpassed expectations and will for sure be landmark that will become popular once again.

According to 3CBSPhilly, “The Met, you know, people pass by the building every day but it sorta disappeared. And so even people in the know don’t know about this building they haven’t been inside it so the fact that we’re going to bring it back and people are gonna walk in an say holy smoke! Where did this come from?!” says Blumfeld.

Some of the performance lineups include Mariah Carey, John Oliver, John Legend, Meek Mill, and more.

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