Trenton is home to the most haunted location in New Jersey, according to a new list released the perfect spooky list right before Halloween. The list highlights "The Most Haunted Place in Every State." So, of course, I had to find out where exactly NJ's was located.

Apparently, the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital in Trenton, New Jersey takes the cake for most haunted place in the state, and the title comes for good reason too.

If your curious as to why, well according to "Dr. Henry Cotton used to work at this hospital that’s now abandoned. It’s said that he used to remove people’s organs in order to cure their mental illness, without using anesthesia. Throughout the building, you’ll hear many of the patients who died in his care."

That's actually terrible. No wonder why that place is deemed as haunted.

As for me, I get super spooked easily so you won't find me anywhere near there but if you're into it, you might want to check it out and clearly this is the perfect season to do so.

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