has a list of the Most-Haunted Restaurants in Every State and their choice for New Jersey is just a short drive away.

According to an article on Food Network's website, The Dublin House Restaurant & Pub in downtown Red Bank is home to a ghost and former owner named Mrs. Patterson.

Mrs. Patterson is a friendly ghost, although the article says she "has been known to cause a ruckus by knocking liquor bottles off shelves, unlocking locked doors and following diners around and whispering names in their ears."

According to The Dublin House's website, the Victorian building that the restaurant is located within has actually been moved several times in its 175-year history.  It was moved from Middletown, NJ to Red Bank in 1840 and it has moved a few times within Red Bank since then.  Its current location is 30 Monmouth Street.

You can find out more about The Dublin House Restaurant & Pub here and to check out Food Network's Most Haunted Restaurants in Every State, click here.



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