Bernie Sanders is the most popular tattoo in the state of Pennsylvania, according to a new analysis from ZIppa.

You couldn't pay me a million dollars to get someone else's face tattooed on my body. There's no celebrity in the world that I stan hard enough to have their face engraved in my skin forever. I understand everyone isn't like me. Some people go so hard for their favs that they would get that person's name, face, and kids' names tattooed on their left butt cheek.

It seems that Bernie Sanders has a lot of stans here in Pennsylvania. Believe it or not, the senator has quite of few people who have his face tattooed somewhere on their body. Recently Zippa conducted a study to find out what tattoo is the most common in each state. According to Zippa, this was determined using Google Trends.

Interestingly enough, the most common tattoo in the Keystone State is the Bernie Tattoo.

Let's dissect this. Why on earth would so many Pennsylvanians get Bernie Sanders inked on them? It could be numerous reasons. Back in 2016 when Sanders was running for President of the United States, people all over the country were getting Bernie tattoos.

According to USA Today, people were getting the outline of his infamous hairdo and thick glasses tattooed on their body in support for his presidential run. Tattoo shops were even inking people for free! Back in 2016 Sanders had a huge support system in PA. So it's no surprise hundreds of people are walking around with the same tattoo.

Another reason that sparked people wanting to get Bernie Tattooed on their body was because he once again became a viral meme during the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. Bernie sitting in a folded chair with his hands crossed, mittens and mask on was the biggest meme of the year thus far. People found it to be so iconic, they even got it tattooed on their body.

As for New Jersey, the most common tattoo is simply the New Jersey flag which is quite sane in comparison to the crazy Pennsylvanians.

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