Those Bernie Sanders memes that have been going around the internet have become an automatic classic. If you are not aware, Bernie Sanders was wearing mittens at the presidential inauguration a few days ago and was just sitting there extremely cozy. As we all know, if the internet gets ahold of something it is game over. Soon enough, they will make a ton of memes with it.

There have been memes of Bernie Sanders in a UFC fight as well as some of the politician replacing Harry Styles on the singer's artwork. They are all pretty funny.

But one Bernie Sanders picture that really got our attention is one that a Bucks County bus driver put together and posted on her Facebook page. Renee Alfano, the Bucks County bus driver took a selfie from the driver's seat showing the seats on the bus. In the photo was Bernie Sanders sitting in the first seat. Renee Alfano captioned the selfies with Bernie Sanders "Look who I picked up at St Ephrems!!!" For sure one of the best Bernie Sanders pictures out there.

Many other Facebook users are having a blast laughing and commenting on Renee Alfano's post. One Facebook user jokingly said "Looks like you’re taking good care of uncle Bernie. He surely gets around." The bus driver is definitely having some fun because she photoshopped Bernie Sanders on different seats on the bus.

The internet is always taking that W by making fun of anything possible and turning it into a meme. This is the good social media that we all love.  

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