Last night was the Season 3 premiere of Jersey Shore Family Vacation! From what I watched of the two hour premiere, before I fell asleep, not because it was boring, because I get up at 4am and I just have a Grandma like sleep schedule because I'm on the morning show. Anyways, from what I watched, this season will be packed with drama and good times with your favorite guidos and guidettes. In case you missed it, below is a clip of the first 7 minutes.

Now some of you may be so obsessed with your favorite Jersey Shore cast members, you may have visited Seaside Heights and taken selfies in front of the house where Snooki and the rest of the cast used to get black out drunk in, but according to, you can rent the house. I bet it sounds really great, BUT you might need to save up a little bit because, says you'll need $3,000 a night! This is actually a price drop from $3,500 a night and at one point, the house was going for $10,000 a night on holiday weekends.

Now, the house does have six bedrooms, so if you get six friends together, everyone only has to pay $500 to stay a night in the MTV Jersey Shore House. But, maybe you can even double up in some beds? If so, it'll only be about $250 per person to stay there. Either way, WOW!

You may need to save up some money before you pack your bags and head to Seaside Heights. Also, weekends are filling up fast!

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