The cold temperatures have just started and I know we're going to have a long winter. Trust me I am already looking forward to summer and all the fun that we'll have once the weather gets warm.

The New Jersey Festival of Ballooning is an event that has taken place for 37 years. I am usually that person who is at home looking at everyone's Snapchats and Instagram stories with jealousy. I was hoping this year would be the year my husband and I will go and bring our son, but the festival may not happen at all.

According to The Patch, the festival needs a sponsor and they only have six weeks left to find one. In fact, Howard Freeman, who is the executive producer of the festival, says they may need multiple sponsors to come in an cover all expenses for the festival. Long time sponsor Quick Chek will not be sponsoring the balloon festival this year because of new marketing strategies they have for this year.

I know there will be thousands of sad people if this festival does not happen. Hopefully a sponsor will step up soon.

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