if you are a huge fan of the TV show FRIENDS and you've always wanted to get married at the chapel from the TV show, your dream may be coming true.

The FRIENDS Experience: The One In New York City just announced that they're going to allow one lucky couple to "tie the knot and win your dream wedding in the wedding chapel at The FRIENDS Experience."

You know the chapel we're talking about, right? It's a replica of the Vegas chapel where Ross and Rachel got married.

How cool would that be to be able to win a special one-of-a-kind wedding at the FRIENDS Experience?

If I would've known this before my fiancée and I booked all of the wedding stuff we would have signed up for this. But wait for a second, there is nothing wrong with getting married twice right?

So obviously it's super cool that you'll get married in the SAME place that Ross & Emily got married in, but you will also get an overnight stay at a hotel, a custom cake and more, they say.

According to the FRIENDS Experience Instagram post, there are some rules you must follow.

  • Follow the FRIENDS experience accounts and each partner
  • Like the wedding post
  • Share your story in the comments

That is really not that much work to have the perfect FRIENDS wedding. You have to test your luck and possibly have the best wedding ever.

You have until Friday, August 27th, 2021 to enter. The lucky couple that will say "I do" at the wedding chapel at The FRIENDS Experience will be picked on September 1st. Click here for more info. 

For those of you that are single “hopeless and awkward and desperate for love,” you should sign up a friend that is in a relationship for this wedding of a lifetime. Maybe you get a chance to be part of the wedding.

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