Friends star, Matthew Perry, age 54, has died of an apparent drowning, according to TMZ.

He was found dead of an apparent drowning on Saturday evening (October 28th). At first, First Responders were called to an LA-area home on the report of a person in cardiac arrest, but then found Perry in the jacuzzi of the home.

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The report says no drugs were found at the scene. The article also says there was no foul play.

Perry fought a drug addiction for many years. He wrote a book about his struggle called, "Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing."

Matthew Perry was widely known for his role as Chandler Bing on the popular TV-series, Friends. The show ran for 10 seasons in the 90s. You can still see it in repeats. He had many other tv and movie roles.

NBC via Getty Images
NBC via Getty Images

Perry spoke about his addiction in Princeton last year, while promoting his book. I was lucky enough to see him and applauded him for being so open about his life struggles. He seemed to be doing well at the time. He was very witty and charming.

A soon as more information is available, we'll pass it along.

Thanks for the laughs, Matthew. You were a brilliant actor.

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