I take the New jersey Turnpike on a daily basis and I honestly cannot understand how people do not have EZ Pass. To me, it's a no brainer, especially when you see how long the lines are for the cash lanes. I love not having to worry about cash before I leave the house. Besides the Turnpike, I'm also on the Garden State Parkway a lot since majority of my family lives down the shore, so yeah, I can't imagine not having EZ Pass. People who don't have it that drive along the Pennsylvania Turnpike will be pretty much forced to get it when it goes cashless next year.

According to Fox 29, by the year 2021, the Pennsylvania Turnpike will completely cashless by the year 2021. The PA Turnpike authority will spend $129 million to go completely cashless. So that will probably force everyone who travels on the turnpike to get EZ Pass.

About 600 people will lose their jobs because of this makeover. Those workers who are laid off will have an opportunity to train for other turnpike jobs, and officials will pay for that training.

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