Levittown Now reports, the Pennsbury High School Prom will take place this year after being canceled last year. Pennsbury High School plan to have their very elaborate Prom on June 5th. There will be current pandemic precautions in place but the traditional arrival parade will still take place and the prom event will be outdoors. No spectators, but a live stream will hopefully be set up. Unfortunately dancing and a big time performer, are not going to be happening at this year's prom. The Pennsbury Prom has had some pretty big names perform at their prom in the past. Last year's seniors were contacted to see if they'd be interested in participating in this year's prom festivities, so if all goes well and restrictions don't change, Pennsbury Prom will be on!

Working at a radio station, you get to do some pretty cool stuff and go to some pretty cool places. I have never experienced anything like the Pennsbury Prom. In my high school, we went to a hotel banquet room or a wedding reception venue and it was just a typical prom like you see in movies. Well, that's what I was expecting when I agreed to do a live broadcast from Pennsbury High School's Prom. I was completely wrong. What I experienced was the most amazing prom event ever. Not only is this prom famous, like people all over the country know about Pennsbury High School's Prom,  but the entire town contributes to it. Their school is transformed completely into a magical world depending on the theme of the year. I was amazing at what I saw and could not believe my eyes. Not only do they transform their entire school, but students arrive on these giant floats that are so strategically crafted together, it blew me away. The kids got off their floats and I got to interview them and it was a blast. It was amazing and I know it had to be devastating to have to cancel it last year. It had to be so devastating to last year's senior class to not be able to experience it. This year's senior class gets to partake in a long standing tradition and I hope they are excited. I can't wait to see pictures.

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