Proms are back! Pennsbury High School is known for its amazing senior prom. Students have always had high expectations for that special event. This year the Pennsbury High School is looking for a helping hand and a Food Truck Festival is coming to help a little with their fundraiser.

According to Bucks County Local News, there will be a big Food Truck Festival at Pennsbury High School East Campus on Saturday, May 1. It was stated that this Food Truck Festival will benefit the Pennsbury High School Senior Prom.

We learned from Bucks County Local News that the Food Truck Festival is asking everyone that wants to attend the event to raise money for the senior prom to bring their own chairs. The reason guests are being asked to bring their own chairs is because the Pennsbury Jazz Band, Pennsbury Jazz Ensemble, and choral groups will provide entertainment at the Food Truck Festival.

Bucks County Local News also shared that the Pennsbury High School Senior Prom theme this year will be "Pennsbury Hollywood Nights." That sounds fun and fancy.

A few weeks ago a lot of happiness was brought to a lot of students when they were told that the senior prom was happening again. Now, it is known that the Pennsbury High School Senior Prom will be on June 5th.

Since some of the COVID-19 pandemic protocols are still being followed it has been said that dancing will not be allowed and a big artist performance name will not happen during this year's senior prom.

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