If you don't like Wawa, we cannot be friends. It is the greatest convenience store and since I live right down the street from one, life would be pretty different without one. Wawa stores, are popping up everywhere, so you can't go too far without finding one.

According to The Patch, developers met with board officials in Middletown and got approvals for the land and they have to go back in the summer to get the final approval. The possible location of the new Wawa will be located at 639 E. Lincoln Highway near I-295 and will include a gas station along with the convenience store. The developers say that when they return in the summer to meet with board officials, some changes will be made to their original plans after talking with residents and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Hopefully Langhorne will welcome this new Wawa with open arms. I'm sure they will put it up quickly.

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