Our friends at Planet Princeton are offering Princeton cicada merch to commemorate this only once every 17 year event. Get it while you can. You must order by this Wednesday (June 23rd).

There's a t-shirt for everything, so why not a Princeton Cicada t-shirt? Aren't they cute? I love them. The cicada invasion seems like the only thing people are talking about around here lately...me included. I'm obsessed.

When I go into Wegmans, after hearing the critters in the parking lot, I overhear people talking about them, and how loud they are, and I join in the conversation.

I brought my father to a doctor's appointment in Princeton last week, off of State Road, and they were even louder there. Fascinating. The doctor talked about how he road his bike to work, and they were slamming into him...ewwww. Lol.

I took my daughter to softball practice the other night and one of the other parents told me they couldn't even sit out on their deck on the Lawrenceville/Princeton border, because the sound was deafening.

In Palmer Square, downtown Princeton, the bent spoon made Chocolate Chip Cicada Ice Cream, which was sold out before I could try it. Darn.

The loud creatures are on everyone's minds.

The bugs will be in the area only until around the 4th of July, but, the t-shirt and conversations about them will last so much longer.

You can order the t-shirts here. There are three styles...all awesome...my favorite is the orange one. They were designed by local graphic artist, Kevin Ranallo, of In8Graphics.

The cool thing about these t-shirts is that you'll also be supporting local journalism when you buy them.

PS. This brand of t-shirt runs a little small, so order up a size.

Remember to order by this Wednesday (June 23rd).

Look What's Already in Hobby Lobby...in June

I love Christmas, I really do...it's the most wonderful time of the year after all, but, when I stopped in Hobby Lobby today, I was shocked that the shelves are already stocked with items to deck the halls. Lol. It's a little too early, don't you think? We have 6 months to go until the big day. I feel like stores are starting the holidays earlier than ever these days. Maybe they decided to display Christmas earlier this year to get us all smiling after the rough year we've all had...or maybe it's to celebrate Christmas in July. Whatever the reason, of course I checked out all the holiday stuff, and it instantly put me in a jolly mood. Take a look at what I saw.

Awesome Happy Hour Spots in Mercer County

Restrictions are being lifted and people are now dining out again. I have been trying to get out as much as I can now that we're vaccinated. Happy Hours are one of my favorite things to do with my friends. Some drinks, small eats and good company always make it a good time.

Here are some restaurants that have awesome Happy Hours in Mercer County. Thinks of them for your next happy hour plans.



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