The new Scudder Falls Bridge is set to open next Wednesday.

It's been in the works for quite some time (about two years of construction) and now the opening date is finally set.

The PA bound Scudder Falls Bridge toll road will open July 10th, however PA bound drivers won't have to pay until July 14th.

I actually take this highway from work everyday so that four day grace period is legit music to my ears.

As for pricing, reported "There are two base Class 1 E-ZPass passenger vehicle tolls: $1.25 for E-ZPass and $2.60 for TOLL BY PLATE vehicle owners without an E-ZPass tag."

Yeah ... also on that note, I'll be taking Route 1 after July 14th because that toll is only $1. If I'm going to have to pay regardless, I rather pay the cheaper rate. Let's be honest, .25/day can add up ... and that's just for E-ZPass holders.






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