Scudder Falls Bridge is one bridge that gets tons of traffic every day. Whether you live in Pennsylvania and work in New Jersey or vice versa, hearing that the bridge can possibly have some restrictions is very annoying.

According to, starting June 1st there will be some more construction being done that will force to close Taylorsville Road ramps on I-295. These constructions highway restrictions will last about 3 weeks. It was stated by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission that the earliest that ramps can possibly go back to normal is June 19. mentioned that the closure of the Taylorsville Road ramps, which are on the Pennsylvania side of I-295, will begin Monday, June 1 at 6 am. We also learned from that the two Taylorsville Road ramps that will be closed are "Taylorsville Road southbound to I-295 EB/SB for travel across the Scudder Falls Bridge into New Jersey" as well as the "exit ramp that carries traffic from I-295 EB to Taylorsville Road for travel toward either Yardley or New Hope."

There will be detours the will make you go to Newtown-Yardley Road (Exit 8). These detours will make you go 2 miles west to get you back en route.

It was also mentioned on that you should expect random waves of slow traffic throughout the day when crossing the Scudder Falls Bridge.

These restrictions will give the construction team the opportunity to add "drainage pipes and connections beneath and near the ramps." also reported that the Taylorsville Road ramps will be repaved during this process of the project.

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