Memes are great for every occasion, especially when we need to make light of stressful situations. Well, it seems like PA residents are meme experts, especially when it comes to talking about the Presidential Election. This week, we compiled our favorite tweets and social media posts in regards to Pennsylvania turning blue. Let me tell you, our residents are thrilled and they are showing it in the funniest ways!

There’s nothing better than dancing in the streets! Philly sure does know how to move it!


Pennsylvania did switch positions! Ariana Grande is fitting for every situation

What’s better than celebrating It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia style”?

It sure is a good day! TikTok songs capture every emotion!

For all you know, your ballot WAS the one that made the state turn blue! Every vote matters!

Yes… PA is blue… but in the best way possible!

Nothing better than celebrating with the good old fashioned Cha Cha Slide!

There are tons of videos like this. Residents from all over celebrating by dancing in the streets!

Philadelphia is in its moment right now! Can you relate to any of these videos?

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