If you've ever wondered: what Hogwarts House does the City of Philadelphia truly belong to? We FINALLY have that answer. I have to admit, I was a little surprised by it as well.

Philadelphia apparently is apparently a proud member of the Ravenclaw House.

The findings came from some research published by USDish, who surveyed locals and studied Google Trends to find some answers.

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To be honest, I kind of think USDish's "sorting hat" got Philadelphia VERY wrong.

So let's dig into this a little bit more:

How did this whole thing get started? Well, USDish surveyed more than 1,000 Americans to find out which house they'd put their state in and how they felt about that house.

OK. So why is Philadelphia a Ravenclaw City?

Well, Harry Potter fans will tell you that Ravenclaw is represented by an eagle and is characterized as “intelligent, knowledgeable, curious, creative and witty.”

That is NOT Philadelphia.

And I LOVE Philadelphia. I have lived in the City for 6 years, and there is NO other place I'd rather be.

So, like, don't you think we'd be WAY more Slytherin? Cause I certainly do.

Slytherins are characterized as “ambitious, shows leadership, self-preservation, cunning, and resourcefulness," and ALL of those are TRUE Philadelphia traits. We're cunning and always will fight tooth and nail to survive when we're knocked down.

Whether it's the president saying "bad things happen in Philadelphia" or our sports teams fighting tooth and nail, it's ALWAYS been Philadelphia against the world.

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In fact, I kind of think calling Philadelphia a Ravenclaw city is a little... aspirational.

We're too busy being knocked down by the rest of the world to focus on how intelligent and witty we truly are as a people.

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We're in good company, though. As the entire state of Pennsylvania is also a member of Ravenclaw. Delaware is our closest Slytherin state.

Meanwhile, what house does New Jersey belong to? Click here to find out.

A majority of the country, by the way, falls into the Slytherin House. Which I guess is a WHOLE SEPERATE debate.

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