I think I already have to do this for some of my friends, but starting tomorrow (August 18) dialing seven digits won't cut it any more.

You'll have to dial the area code too. So, all calls in the 609 area code will have to be dialed with 10 digits. That is the area code then the number.

Seems like a pain, doesn't it? But, in my case, once you store it in your contacts you're all set!

I think less and less people are actually dialing out people's numbers anymore, right? This is also going to apply to the new area code in Mercer County coming soon! Yes, the 640 area code will be issued to new numbers in the "609 region" starting on September 17.

So weird, isn't it?  I'm sure I thought the same thing when 856 was introduced. Don't forget that if you dial from 609 to 856, you'll also have to now add a 1 in front of the area code and number. So many rules!

Like I said, I don't remember anyone's number after sticking it in my contacts.

Keep this in mind when you hear a recorded message next month saying, "Please hang up and try your call again."

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