Verizon is experiencing nationwide outages leaving thousands in Pennsylvania and New Jersey without phone or internet service as of 9:30 am on Wednesday (July 26).

It's unclear what the exact cause of the outage is, but there are hundreds of reports of users having issues with both the company's FIOS and phone services. The reports online started to surface around 8 am Eastern.

The outages appear to be affecting customers nationwide, however, we're seeing a LOT of reports from users in Eastern Pa. and New Jersey. The website shows a large number of reports across New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York City. Map (Showing Verizon's outage)

Verizon is replying to customer complaints on their X (Twitter) account saying, "Outages are totally unpredictable and usually don't depend on us."

The company's they're working hard to have the service back on as soon as possible, but warns that "sometimes takes longer than expected."

Phone Issues Affect New Jersey Police Departments

The phone service issues are affecting some emergency lines as well. Our sister station, New Jersey 101.5 reports that some police departments are having issues.

Calls to the Toms River and Bradley Beach police departments connected but were cut off mid-call with an "all circuits are busy" message, reporter Dan Alexander says.

"While police and other administrative lines could be impacted, please note this disruption does not impact calls to 911, text services or data services," spokesman Andrew Testa told New Jersey 101.5 in a statement.

This is a developing story. We'll have more information soon.

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